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Lea Michele - Empty Handed

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Captain Swan + Sharing their favorite beverages


Once the big CS TLK happens, I want to see a moment alone with Emma and Killian. Kind of an awkward, shy moment. Sort of tip-toeing around what just happened.  And then I want them to look at each other and then just…

Attack each others face.

And then when they pull apart I want Killian to say “I thought that was just a one time thing.”

And then I want Emma to say “Please. Like you actually believed that.”

And then back to eating face.

Emma + Killian’s hook

"I apologise for my rudeness."

TRUE LOVE CHECKLIST inspired by swanismycaptain [x]


Info/Spoiler Round Up for Sunday’s Episode, "A Curious Thing"

Best friends and maybe more

Chapter 2


Emma and Killian are best friends since they were seven years old. What happen when they start to have feelings for each other but they don’t say a thing because they are afraid that they will ruin their friendship?

Emma closed her locker and she almost had a heart attack when in front of her appeared two blue eyes.

“You want to scare me to death, Killian?” Emma asked her best friend.

“Why would I want this, Emma?” Killian asked her back smiling.

“I don’t know. But if you will do this again, one day you will scare me to death.”

“Oh come on. I don’t want you dead. Who would help me with my homework at math if you would die?”

“You can find someone. Maybe the lucky girl will be one of your fans.”


"Yes. Don’t tell me you don’t know about all those girls who would do anything for you.”

“I don’t. Maybe you can tell me who are they, so I can go and say hi. And maybe I can give them some autographs.”


Emma rolled her eyes and started to walk to her last class with Killian behind her. They had the next period together and it was one o her favorites because in this one they were together and because after that she could finally go home. She loved to spend time with Killian, especially now, when Regina is busy with the preparations for the prom and Ruby started to work for Granny.

Killian was he best friend since she was seven years old and she loved him and all this time spent with him. He was always with her, protecting her and helping her. Not that she needed help. But it was nice to have a boy as best friend, especially when it was about other boys.

“So, Emma.” Killian began, looking at her. “What did you do last night?”

“As if you did not know. I stayed home and I studied. The question is, what did you do last night? I thought you’ll call me.”

“I went at the Rabbit Hole with Robin and Victor. By the way. Did you know that Robin has a thing for our friend Regina?” Killian asked smirking at her.

“Really? I mean, I suspected something, but…” The truth was that Emma wasn’t surprised to hear that. She could’ve guess that Robin liked Regina, and also she could’ve guess that Regina liked him, too.

“Mhm. And Victor is in love with Ruby.”

“And Ruby is in love with Victor.” She said looking in his eyes.

“Look at us, Emma. We talk about the love life of others, but not about ours.”

“Because you don’t have one. When was the last time when you had a girlfriend?” Emma asked him and then started to laugh.

“And you have one?” He asked back, ignoring her question.

She didn’t respond. She didn’t had a love life because she didn’t want one, especially since she caught Neal cheating on her with a so called Tamara, and right after that, he disappeared in New York with his parents. His memory was still fresh in her head even if it happened one year ago. She was with him for a year when she caught him with a girl named Tamara. Emma still couldn’t forgive that feeling. And still she couldn’t forget the moment when Killian punched Neal in the face. It was too precious to be forgotten.

“You know I don’t have one and you know why.” Emma responded entering in the class.

They went to their usual table. Emma put her book on the table and started to look on the window. Soon after that, she heard the teacher entering in the class. She felt Killian shaking and when she looked at his fist she saw that it tense.


She look at him and then at the teacher. When she saw who was with the teacher, she froze, but before she could sat something else, their teacher spoke.

“Class this is your new classmate. Neal Cassidy.”

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